The Heart Beings Story

Heart Beings is inspired by Rose Mosley (“Pumpkin”), who passed one month shy of her 100th birthday and who instilled in her granddaughter, Valerie Mosley, the power of unconditional love and doing what’s in your heart.

Many times, Rose used to share with Valerie, “You’re very blessed — and you must share what you know…” And so Valerie committed to Rose and to herself that she’d find a way to share empowering messages with those around her and the world. After a successful career in finance, Valerie decided that she wanted to have another kind of impact and followed this dream to create a unique website that could help to reveal joy and insights in our world. was born after many discussions between Valerie, Niaz Karim and Dan Lothian. The team was rounded out by a talented designer and a number of other individuals who immediately connected with the Heart Beings vision.Heart Beings - I feel free to be me

The purpose of Heart Beings is to highlight stories, lessons and tools that can help us all live in greater alignment with our heart desires, our inner knowing and our innate desire to be happy, feel free and live with purpose.

Some content will include powerful perspectives and insights captured through video interviews and podcasts. Other content will include original articles that address stories, hints and lessons learned around pillars of holistic wealth — personal, spiritual, financial and societal. We will also curate inspirational stories from around the Web to share with you. These stories might make you smile, move you or make you go “hmmm.”

At Heart Beings, we believe that each of us is worthy and that knowing of the gifts that lie within is one of the greatest treasures of all. As our community evolves, we hope that you will contribute, share your thoughts and what you know and keep coming back as we continue in the journey of becoming Heart Beings.